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Top Shelf Company would like to provide all our clients with efficient and professional service when dealing with company secretarial services and registrations of companies. We have a very experienced team to specifically address your needs, which include providing registration of new companies, shelf companies and all the applicable changes to be made to tailor the company to your specifications.

Top Shelf Company provides an all-inclusive company secretarial service to clients and we ensure that all obligations of directors and other prescribed officers are met on an on-going basis. This then allows the directors and management to give their full attention to the growing and managing their business.

Top Shelf Company is focused on assisting our clients with the ever increasing legislative and administrative burdens on companies and its directors. With the implementation of the Companies Act 71 of 2008 and King III, compliance has increased and our aim is to make compliance as quick and easy as possible.

*Our turnaround time depends on CIPC service delivery.

Please Note: The 2 week turnaround time is applicable to normal Company registrations. NPO's and INC's take longer due to the submission process.

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Registration Fees

Private company R 2,,213.75
NPC (Non-Profit Company) 2,,213.75
Personal Liability company 2,,213.75
Co-operative R 3,289.00

Family trust R6,270.00
Investment trust R6,270.00
BEE employee trust R12,650.00
Special and charitable trusts R6,270.00

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